About TaxSqueal

The TaxSqueal Service

The TaxSqueal mission is simple – providing an electronic format to those individuals who have information about a tax fraud and want to notify the proper authorities without having to reveal their identity in any way. TaxSqueal is NOT an investigative agency and is NOT affiliated with any government entity. More precisely, TaxSqueal is a conduit through which tax fraud allegations are channeled to the appropriate taxing authority, thereby preserving anonymity.

Anonymity protects the individual who provided the allegation information. Remember, TaxSqueal never knows your identity, so even in a legal proceeding there would be nothing to reveal.  TaxSqueal submissions enable an individual to be completely honest about the suspected tax fraud, while diminishing the fear of reprisal or dread of being labeled a “rat.”  Let TaxSqueal be your rat; “We Squeal For You!”